Friday, October 04, 2013

Tribute to the Civil War Surgeons

From 2011-2015 the 150th anniversary of the "Civil War" is being recognized. At the beginning of the Twenty-First Annual Conference on Civil War Medicine I thought I would post this "Tribute to the Civil War Surgeons." This quote specifically addresses Southern surgeons, but it was doubtless true of all faithful surgeons who served during these tragic times.

"The Southern surgeons were the first to succor the wounded and the sick, and their ears recorded the last words of love and affection for country and kindred, and their hands closed the eyes of the dying Confederate soldiers." -- "Formation of the Medical Corps of the Confederate Army and Navy," Joseph Jones, M.D., The Medical History Of The Confederate States Army And Navy, Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XX., Richmond, VA, January-December, 1892.

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