Friday, June 30, 2017

Give Me the Roses Now

Following are three stanzas of the song we Sacred Harp singers know as Odem. The words in The Original Sacred Harp were arranged by T. J. Denson for his song. Warren Steel dates the words -- written by James Rowe -- to 1915. I found the three stanzas below in "Give Me the Roses Now" -- tune by R. H. Cornelius, copyrighted in 1925. It is No. 104, a 6/4 time song, a duet of soprano and alto in G in Good Songs: Songs for Radio, Television and General Use (Dwight Brock, Editor, Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing Company, Dallas, TX, 1960). An arrangement of the melody can be found here. Hymn Time (as of today) lists 2658 texts written by Rowe!

1. Wonderful things of folks are said,
When they have passed away;
Roses adorn the narrow bed,
Over the sleeping clay.

2. Praises are heard not by the dead,
Roses they cannot see;
Let us not wait till souls have fled,
Generous friends to be.

3. Faults are forgiven when folks lie
Cold in the narrow bed;
Let us forgive them ere they die:
Now should the words be said.

Chorus: Give me the roses while I live,
Trying to cheer me on;
Useless the flowers that you give
After the soul is gone.

Good thoughts!

The following song by Jimmy Martin seems to be an arrangement of Cornelius's tune (I can't really tell).

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Biblical timeline from Creation to Christ

The following is my approach to the biblical timeline of history and roughly estimating the age of the earth – adding and comparing the ages of the patriarchs, reigns of the kings and other dates mentioned in the Old Testament. There are some variations from my previous A Biblical timeline from creation.

ASC = after sixth-day of creation
Biblical Reference/s
Day 1
Genesis 1:1
Creation of Adam
Day 6
Genesis 1:26-31
Death of Adam
930 ASC
Genesis 5:5
Translation of Enoch
987 ASC
Genesis 5:23-24
Death of Seth
1042 ASC
Genesis 5:8
Birth of Noah
1056 ASC
Genesis 5:28-29
Death of Enos
1140 ASC
Genesis 5:11
Death of Cainan
1235 ASC
Genesis 5:14
Death of Mahalalel
1290 ASC
Genesis 5:17
Death of Jared
1422 ASC
Genesis 5:20
Birth of Shem
1558 ASC
Genesis 11:10
Death of Lamech
1651 ASC
Genesis 5:31
Death of Methuselah
1656 ASC
Genesis 5:27
1656 ASC
Genesis 7:11
Birth of Arphaxad
1658 ASC
Genesis 11:10
Tower of Babel
Gen 10:25; I Chron 1:19
Death of Peleg
1996 ASC
Genesis 11:18-19
Death of Nahor
1997 ASC
Genesis 11:24-25
Death of Noah
2006 ASC
Genesis 9:29
Birth of Abram
2008 ASC
Gen 11:32, 12:1-4; Acts 7:2-4
Death of Reu
2026 ASC
Genesis 11:20-21
Death of Serug
2049 ASC
Genesis 11:22-23
Death of Terah
2083 ASC
Genesis 11:32
Calling of Abram
2083 ASC
Genesis 12:1; Acts 7:4
Birth of Ishmael
2094 ASC
Genesis 16:16
Death of Arphaxad
2096 ASC
Genesis 11:12-13
Birth of Isaac
2108 ASC
Genesis 21:5
Death of Salah
2126 ASC
Genesis 11:14-15
Death of Sarah
2145 ASC
Genesis 23:1-2
Marriage of Isaac
2148 ASC
Genesis 25:20
Death of Shem
2158 ASC
Genesis 11:11
Death of Abraham
2183 ASC
Genesis 25:7
Death of Eber
2187 ASC
Genesis 11:16-17
Birth of Jacob & Esau
2168 ASC
Genesis 25:26
Marriage of Esau
2208 ASC
Genesis 26:24
Death of Ishmael
2231 ASC
Genesis 25:17
Marriage of Jacob
2252 ASC
Genesis 29:20-28
Birth of Reuben
2252 ASC
Genesis 29:32
Birth of Joseph
2259 ASC
Genesis 30:22-24
Jacob leaves Laban
2265 ASC
Genesis 31:41
Joseph sold to slavery
2276 ASC
Gen 37:2,28
Death of Isaac
2288 ASC
Genesis 35:28
Death of Jacob
2315 ASC
Genesis 47:9,28; 49:33
Death of Joseph
2369 ASC
Genesis 50:22,26
Birth of Moses
ca 2433
80 years before the Exodus
Moses flees Egypt
ca 2473
40 years before the Exodus
The Exodus from Egypt
2513 ASC
Gal 3:17; 430 from calling of Abram
The Wandering
40 years in the Wilderness
Death of Moses
2553 ASC
Deuteronomy 34:5-7
Entrance into Canaan
2553 ASC
Joshua 1:1-2
Time of the Judges
ca 450 yrs
Acts 13:20; circa 450 years
Saul made King
2949 ASC
I Samuel 10:20-24
David made King
2989 ASC
II Sam 2:4; 5:4; I Kings 2:11
Solomon made King
3029 ASC
I Kings 2:12
Temple began
3033 ASC
I Kings 6:1; 480 after the Exodus
Temple finished
3040 ASC
I Kings 6:37-38
End of Solomon's reign
3069 ASC
I Kings 11:42
Kingdom divided
3070 ASC
1st year of Rehoboam
Calling of Isaiah
3290 ASC
Last year of Uzziah
Captivity of Israel
3317 ASC
II Kings 18:10-12
Captivity of Judah
3449 ASC
II Kings 25:1-21 (70 years)
Decree of Cyrus
3519 ASC
2 Chron 36:21-23; Isaiah 45
Ezra 1-6
3519 ASC
Ezra 1:1-3
Haggai and Zechariah
3539 ASC
Haggai 1:1; Zechariah 1:1
3575 ASC
Esther 1:1-3
Ezra 7-10
3601 ASC
Ezra 7:1
3614 ASC
Nehemiah 1:1
Coming of Jesus
4002 ASC
Dan 9:24-27; 483 from Cyrus decree

I have based it on dating from biblical creation, rather than trying to correlate it to historical BCE dating. I hope the chart comes through with useful visibility (I’m just pasting it in from Excel).