Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beyond the starry skies

Not sure of the exact origins of this hymn, but I think the Common Meter version by James Fanch appeared in the Gospel Magazine of June 1776, then perhaps revised by Daniel Turner to the Short Meter version (which is how I was familiar with it). They were brothers-in-law.

1. Beyond the glittering starry skies,
Far as th’eternal hills,
There, in those boundless worlds of light,
Our great Redeemer dwells.

2. Legions of angels strong and fair,
In countless armies shine,
At His right hand with golden harps,
To offer songs divine.

3. “Hail, Prince!” they cry, “for ever hail!”
Whose unexampled love
Moved Thee to quit those glorious realms,
And royalties above.

4. While He did condescend on earth
To suffer rude disdain,
They cast their honors at His feet,
And waited in His train.

5. Through all His travels here below
They did His steps attend!
Oft gazed and wondered where at last
This scene of love would end.

6. They saw His heart transfixed with wounds,
His crimson sweat and gore,
They saw Him break the bars of death,
Which none e’er brake before.

7. They brought His chariot from above,
To bear Him to His throne,
Clapped their triumphant wings and cried,
“The glorious work is done!”


1. Beyond the starry skies,
Far as the eternal hills,
There, in the boundless worlds of light,
Our great Redeemer dwells.

2. Around him angels fair,
In countless armies shine;
And ever in exalted lays
They offer songs divine.

3. Hail, Prince of life! they cry,
Whose unexampled love
Moved thee to quit those glorious realms
And royalties above.

4. And when he stooped to earth,
And suffered rude disdain,
They cast their honors at his feet,
And waited in his train.

5. They saw him on the cross,
While darkness veiled the skies;
And when he burst the gates of death,
They saw the Conqueror rise.

6. They thronged his chariot wheels,
And bore him to his throne;
They swept their golden harps, and sung--
The glorious work is done!

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