Saturday, October 05, 2013

A scathing letter of disownment

In a story from a pro-gay youth organization, we read about a father who disowns his homophobic daughter in (publicized) letter. From his side of the story the daughter is evil. She disowned her son and kicked him out of the house because she found out he claimed to be gay, was living a homosexual lifestyle, or something along those lines (details not available). The Yahoo Shine author says that "Many parents get it and are expressing their unconditional love in various ways."

I wonder whether all the ravers for unconditional love missed the irony that the father who wrote that a parent disowning a child “goes 'against nature'” turned around and went against nature and disowned his own child? Maybe two wrongs do make a right!? (Or maybe good sense doesn't matter when you are focusing on promoting a particular agenda.)

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