Friday, October 18, 2013

Church Discipline, Husbands, Optical Illusions and Thanksgivukkah

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Church Discipline, Husbands, Optical Illusions and Thanksgivukkah -- 6 Links

* Church Discipline Requires a Tender Heart: Love, Not Legalism  -- "If the attitude of those implementing discipline is not right, then what God designed to be a beautiful act of selfless love is transformed into an ugly act of power, even if all the other instructions are followed to the letter."
* Discipline Matters...But How? -- "During my five year stay in Romania, I was first introduced to comprehensive church discipline."
* Gobble tov! American Jews ready for Thanksgivukkah -- "An extremely rare convergence this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah has created a frenzy of Talmudic proportions."
* If You Are Not a Good Husband, You Are Not a Good Pastor  -- "Also remember that pastors who preach the gospel should not undermine the gospel by refusing to love their wives as Christ loves the church."
* John Wesley’s Failed Marriage  -- "For those tempted to confuse their God-given priorities, Wesley’s negative example in this area ought to be a powerful wake-up call."
* Optical Illusions: What do you see? -- "The scientists concluded that both human and animal brains try to link images we’re seeing quickly to ones in our memory, in part, as a defense mechanism against danger or predators."

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