Saturday, October 12, 2013

Academics get it right

...but for the wrong reason.

The Blaze's article Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus That He Believes Could Rock the Christian Faith to Its Core tells about "self-professed Biblical scholar" Joseph Atwill's theory that Jesus is an historical myth -- "that Roman aristocrats manufactured Jesus Christ."

The claim is hokum because it is hokum. But scholars and academics attack the claim because "there is no evidence that he has relevant qualifications or research to his name."

Academics have chimed in and more will chime in to debunk Atwill's research based on the fact that "he went to school for computer science" and is not a biblical scholar. This is a common method in Western societies for rejecting any claim. Fact is, it is bogus. Oh, yes, of course anyone can claim anything about things of which they have no knowledge. But the fact they don't have a degree in it doesn't necessarily mean they don't have any knowledge of it. Whether they have no knowledge of it is the determining factor, not how many letters they have behind their names.

I'm not supporting Atwill, just reasoning that we need to be careful in our reasoning. We must debunk things on what is said and its factual support, not who said it.

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