Tuesday, October 08, 2013

2 Kinds of Churches

Church should be a covenant relationship. Yet many churches promote consumer relationships. A covenant relationship is a relationship with commitment, communication, devotion and determination. It cannot be lightly broken. It is entered by the commitment of two parties (church & individual) to put Christ absolutely first and observe their responsibility toward one another. A consumer relationship by a church and to a church is when a church offers and a person picks where to go to church based on perceived needs (but usually simple "wants"). The person leaves when he or she senses that the needs (wants) cease to be met. Such a trivial pursuit accounts for both "church hopping" and "missing in action" members. Tim Keller describes these kind of churches being like grocery stores -- “Where can I get the most spiritual product for the least cost?” 

Commitment seems to have gone out of style in our society. A "till death do us part" vow is quickly reinterpreted to mean that we can part because our "love" has "died". A contract to pay may soon be avoided by filing bankruptcy. The church that God surely "led you to" rapidly and amazingly morphs into the church that God is leading you away from!

Are you looking for a retail church that gives you the "best for less", or are you looking for a covenant relationship?

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