Thursday, October 10, 2013

9 Quotes about ministry

“We forget that God's primary goal is not changing our situations or relationships so that we can be happy, but changing us through our situations and relationships so that we will be holy.” -- Paul David Tripp

“Always have a book to read, instead of indulging in vain conversation. Strive to learn English....Remember this, that you cannot commit some loved sin in private, and perform the work of the ministry in public, with facility and acceptance.” -- Christmas Evans

“A piece of paper doesn't make you a pastor any more than making predictions makes you a prophet.” -- D. R. Silva

“It is a thoroughly anti-christian doctrine that the Spirit of God, and therefore the life and governing power of the Church, resides in the ministry, to the exclusion of the people.” -- Charles Hodge

"There are some Baptists who will not be a brother to any other Baptist unless he is a twin brother." -- E. Y. Mullins

“When discipline leaves a church, Christ goes with it.” -- John Dagg

“The greatest misconception in most churches today is that if we simply give good directions, we can delegate the work of the ministry and expect good outcomes” -- Matt Smethurst

“When you go fishing, don't eat the worms.” -- Steve Brown

“Preaching is the communication of truth through personality.” -- Phillips Brooks

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