Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Online church histories and church minutes

The following links contain transcribed minutes and online church histories. Their presence here does not imply endorsement of any of the churches, or the accuracy of any of the histories. Nevertheless, I hope you find the information contained in the links useful and interesting.

* 1895-1904 Minutes of the Missionary Baptist Church of Christ at Pine Ridge, Shelby County, TX -- "Saturday night after preaching by Brother Jopling the church partook of the Lord's Supper and had a foot washing."
Chinquapin/Sharon Baptist Church Records, Duplin County, NC -- "Brother Alfred Guy and William M. Kenedy in this day (saturday before the third Sunday in March) according to previous appointment to assist some brethren & sisters from Island Creek Church in organizing a church at this place."
Dumplin Baptist Church Minutes, 1797-1860, Jefferson County, TN -- "Aug the 5th 1797 - being the first Church meeting on Dumplin Creek waters Church proceeds as follows - first agrees & appoints Br. Early Albertson Clerk for this Church - secondly appoints brother John Cate Junior to attend the general Association with a Church letter - thirdly unanimously make choice of br. John Cate Junior for one deacon in their church & appoints meeting Monthly the second Saturday."
Excerpts from Minutes of Plantersville Baptist Church, 1912-1965 Plantersville, AL -- "Owing to the small collections for pastor’s salary for two previous months, due to there being no preaching at the church in May on account of High School closing exercises; and on account of rain in June.  By motion and second the church gave the money thus collected for conventional purposes to the pastor."
* Minutes of the Lick Creek Baptist Church, 1835–1848, Henry County, IN -- "In late 1834 or early 1835 Henry County pioneers, led by Aaron Ballard, Aaron Evans, David Frazer, and others, founded the Lick Creek Baptist Church in Prairie Township, just north of New Castle, Indiana."
Mount Olive Baptist Church, Berea, Ashley County, AR -- "Mount Olive Baptist Church in the Berea community of northeast Ashley County, Arkansas, was active for some one hundred years, spanning from 1859 to the late 1950s."
* Myrtle Head Baptist Church - Minutes, Shelby County, TX -- "Next order of business was to call a Pastor Bro. Crocker was called unanimously by motion and second. J. L. Covington was elected Church Clerk. Next order was to elect a choice for Association, by a unanimous vote. The Shelby County Association was our choice."
* The Records of an Early Texas Baptist Church, 1833-1847, Anderson County, TX -- "The Pilgrim Church of Predestinarian Regular Baptists set at the house of Elder Daniel Parker Crawford County Ill. and in order Proseded to business Elder D. Parker moderator"

* A Brief History of Southside Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC -- "The articles of Faith and Church Covenant as found in Hiscox's Baptist Church Directory were read by Elder H.A. Brown and adopted, after which on motion of Elder S. F. Conrad, the presbytery unanimously voted that they be recognized as a regular Baptist Church."
* Central Baptist Church History, Livingston, TX -- "In 1857, Reuben E. Brown, who had been a missionary for the Bethlehem Association, became pastor. He represented Ariel Church at the State Baptist Convention in 1858. In 1861, Reuben Brown volunteered his services as Chaplain to the Confederate troops, and he died in Galveston during the war. In 1864, Thomas R. McCrorey, a then future pastor of the Livingston Baptist Church, was detailed to bring his body back to Polk County for burial."
Hartford Memorial Baptist Church History, Detroit, MI -- "Hartford Memorial Baptist Church celebrates 92 years of loving God and serving the world community."
History of Boyd's Creek Baptist Church, Sevier County, TN -- "It is believed that Boyd's Creek Baptist Church was organized in the late 1700s, but there is no exact record before 1802."
Lydia Missionary Baptist Church, Huxley, TX -- "Lydia Missionary Baptist Church of Christ was organized on the 29th day of September 1903, Upon the covenant & declaration of faith set forth in Pendleton Church manual."
* Our Church History - Flint River Primitive Baptist Church, Madison County, AL -- "...a small band of twelve  believers gathered on October 2, 1808 in the home of Brother James Deaton in Killingsworth Cove, for the purpose of constituting a local Baptist Church in which to worship their Savior. This Church, the Flint River Baptist Church of Christ, would be the first Baptist church not only in Madison County, but also in what would later become the State of Alabama."
* Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS -- "The second oldest Baptist Church in the city, Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church, was started in the west bottoms in 1867."
* The Organization of Mansfield Baptist Temple, Mansfield, OH -- "A fundamental, old-fashioned Baptist Church is being started in Mansfield, Ohio. Rev. Charles W. Rader will be in charge."
Third Stonington: the Afro-American Baptist Church on Water Street, Stonington, CT -- "Believing that the time has come when the interests of religion, especially among the people of color in this village and vicinity, would be promoted by our organization into a separate body; We therefore request that letters of dismission may be granted to us whose names are hereunto annexed for the purpose above specified."

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