Friday, October 25, 2013

David Thomas on the Church

David Thomas: The Greek substantive so often used in the New Testament, and always translated the church, or an assembly, is evidently derived of a verb that signifies “to be called out.” It must therefore certainly refer to something that is possessed of life, and is capable of hearing, understanding and obeying a vocation or command. So that the Gospel-Church, must signify a company of persons removed in compliance with some call. Tis customary indeed in some places, to call the house dedicated to divine service, ‘the church’: but this is not according to Scripture. The inspired writers as far as I can remember never use the word in that sense. Wherefore it properly refers to the people, and not the building where they meet to worship. Hence we are told in the Prayer book, that “the Church of Christ is an assembly of faithful men,” which though short, is I think when fully understood, a very just description of it. -- Originally found in The Virginian Baptist, 1774 and quoted in The Baptist Waymark, Vol. III No. 5, September-October 1995, p. 3

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