Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween scare -- "Obamacare" in the news (and opinion)

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* Democrats beginning to support Obamacare delays -- "The pressure is acute in the Senate where Democrats in conservative or competitive states are lining up behind proposals to delay Obamacare"
* Have you seen the viral Obamacare girl? -- "The search is on to identify the anonymous model whose image has been scrubbed from the website after she became the face of frustration regarding the site's well-publicized glitches."
* suffers outage as Sebelius testifies that it's never crashed -- "Poor timing was redefined in Washington on Wednesday."
* How Obamacare was fooled by high-tech glamour -- "The health care law, the White House argues, "isn't just a website." True enough. But the software problems are representative of a larger rhetorical choice."
* Is Obamacare’s legality still in doubt? -- "My jaw dropped when I first saw this. This has the potential to sink Obamacare. It could make the current website problems seem minor by comparison."
* ‘I was all for Obamacare’ until I got the bill -- "California residents are rebelling a bit against Obamacare, with thousands shocked by the sticker price and rethinking their support, saying that what seemed wonderful in principle is not translating so well into reality."
* More than 2 million people getting booted from existing health insurance plans -- "CBS News has learned more than two million Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies..."
* Obama administration knew millions wouldn't be able to keep insurance -- "While campaigning for health care reform in 2009, Obama went out of his way to make one thing perfectly clear: if you like your current health care plan, you will be able to keep it."
* Obamacare 'Absolutely' A Step Toward A Single-Payer System -- "...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) was asked whether his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system. His answer? “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”"
* Obamacare Fiasco Isn't a Single-Payer Conspiracy -- "There’s a pretty popular conspiracy theory running around to the effect that this was the Barack Obama administration’s intent all along: Design this big Rube Goldberg apparatus that couldn’t possibly work, and when it fails, sweep in and “fix” things by enacting the single-payer scheme you wanted all along."
* White House OKs limited waiver on health penalty  "...the Obama administration Monday granted a six-week extension until March 31 for Americans to sign up for coverage next year and avoid new tax penalties under the president's health care overhaul law."

"If Americans really wanted Obamacare, you wouldn't need a law to make them buy it." -- (credited to) Ted Cruz

"Whatever." -- Kathleen Sebelius

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