Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Green Heron and Evolution

I was reading today about one of God's amazing creatures, the green heron (a "fishing" bird). It is a bird that knows how to use tools. The green heron uses insects to bait or lure a fish in so it can grab it in its beak.

When the green heron catches the fish, it flips it to swallow the fish head first. This protects the heron's throat from the fish's fins and scales. The fins would poke out going down tail first, but folds up when going down head first. 

Smart bird, eh? Wonder where he learned this? This is much harder to accept in evolutionary theory than with creation. In evolution we must believe that two green herons -- a male and a female -- just happened to evolve at the same time in history, and that they were both smart enough to figure out to swallow the fish head first before killing themselves swallowing the fish tail first!

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