Thursday, October 24, 2013


* Family fights to include ‘Jesus’ on grave marker at Sterling, Colorado cemetery -- "Her final wish was to have her cemetery marker engraved with the ichthys, a symbol of early Christianity. She also wanted the word ‘Jesus’ written inside the fish."

Todd Starnes writes, "It’s outrageous that a grieving American family had to fight and cajole a city government to allow them to engage in their Constitutional rights."

Amen. Outrageous! Bizarre. I found the above story unbelievable. I come from a land of cemetery markers filled with religious, fraternal, and benevolent symbols. I could not have imagined that anyone would even think that the name "Jesus" on someone's tombstone might offend somebody. It almost seems that folks are working overtime looking for some reason to be offended by someone else's beliefs. And to think, we live in a land that enshrined freedom of speech and freedom of religion in its Constitution. You'd think we enshrined in it the freedom to not be offended by what someone else thinks or believes!

This action by Sterling, Colorado representatives belongs in the Hall of Shame. Thank God that they reversed their decision. For shame that it took vast public outrage to get them to do so.

"The government shouldn't tell us what to think, what to say and what to believe. In their misguided attempts to offend no one, they end up offending many." -- Stacy Adams

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