Sunday, September 23, 2018

Who maketh thee to differ from another

The following hymn by Baptist minister John Fawcett appears in Hymns Adapted to the Circumstances of Public Worship and Private Devotion (Leeds: G. Wright and Son, 1782).

Hymn XIV. L. M.
Who maketh thee to differ from another. I Cor. iv. 7.

1. When my dark soul, once dead in sin,
Was rouz’d at length by grace divine,
In deep astonishment, I saw,
The terrors of a broken law.

2. No longer wrapt in self-deceit,
I then perceiv’d my guilt was great;
My danger I began to view,
And grace reveal’d the refuge too.

3. The willing slave of sin no more;
My dreadful bondage I deplore;
And with a broken spirit cry,
O mercy! save me, or I die!

4. Some rays of hope pervade the gloom,
Since Jesus bids the weary come;
I humbly trust in him, and see
He shed his precious blood for me.

5. Sweet Jesus, I would ever cleave
To thee, and on the fulness live;
And my own righteousness disclaim;
For all I have is guilt and shame.

6. Thy mighty arm the work hath wrought;
My soul abhors a boasting thought;
Before thy feet I humbly own,
The praise is due to grace alone.

7. Thy sov’reign wisdom form’d the plan,
Thy mercy first the work began;
Grace will complete the great design,
And endless glory shall be thine.

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