Thursday, September 06, 2018

Contending for the Faith

An interesting history:

Contending for the Faith: The Forerunners of Olmstead Baptist Church

The author hopes this study will shed a bit of light on our place in God's marvelous work amongst men in the present age. May we be found still earnestly contending for the faith when the Lord returns.
The organization of Olmstead Baptist Church as an independent body was a result of growing dissatisfaction with the Southern Baptist Convention among Landmark Baptists in the late 1950s. By this time, Landmark concerns had been simmering within the Convention for over a century.
In 1957, concerns about the Southern Baptist Convention generally and its Cooperative Program in particular surfaced in Dripping Spring Baptist Church in Olmstead, Kentucky.1 About half of the church's membership wanted to leave the Convention, and the other half wanted to stay in. Ultimately, pastor Tom Hart and forty-two others left Dripping Spring to form a new church not affiliated with the Convention. On August 25, 1957, Olmstead Baptist Church was organized under the authority of the Fatherland Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee.
The book (in hard copy) is also available from the church:
Olmstead Baptist Church
2075 Olmstead Road
Olmstead, KY 42265

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