Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Security of the Saints

The Security of the Saints, Hymn CCIV in A Collection of Original Gospel Hymns, by John Kent
Long Meter

1. Ye fearful souls, whose hopes alone 

On Jesus rest the corner stone, 
It matters not your faith how small
From thence to hell ye never fall.

2. With Christ in God your life is hid,

Those words at once your fears forbid;
For he must God Himself dethrone
Who takes that life which Jesus won.

3. Tho’ but a spark, ‘tis heav’nly fire,

May dwindle oft, but ne’er expire,
Till brighter than the solar rays
It shines through everlasting days.

4. Earth, hell, and sin, that hateful name,

Together strive to quench the same;
Yet still it burns, his pow’r to shew
In spite of all that hell can do.

5. God is its shield, he guards it well,

When tempests rise, and billows swell;
‘Tis hid by God, where none but he
By his omniscient ken can see.

6. ‘Tis that bless’d hope that never dies, 

Beyond the reach of hell it lies;
‘Twill flourish and immortal be
When death is lost in victory.

7. Shall this, O Christian, make thee say

I’ll serve my lust, and from thee stay?
Nay, rather thus, my God, to thee
Let ev’ry pow’r devoted be.

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