Sunday, September 02, 2018

Be not afraid

Be not afraid, by John Fawcett, 1782

Hymn VI. L. M.
Be not afraid, it is I. John vi. 20.

1. Children of God, renounce your fears,
Lo! Jesus for your help appears,
And kindly speaks as he draws nigh,
Be not afraid, for it is I.

2. When in the awful tempest toss’d
You feel your strength and courage lost,
And mighty waves roll o’er your head,
Your Lord is near, be not afraid.

3. When mournful tidings come from far,
Or nations raise tumultuous war,
And wide their devastations spread,
Yet he is near, be not afraid.

4. The famine, pestilence and sword,
Are all obedient to his word;
He, riding on the stormy sky,
Says, “Fear ye not, for it is I.”

5. When earthly joys are from you torn,
Or when, with heart-felt grief you mourn,
To see you dear relations dead,
Yet Jesus lives, be not afraid.

6. When fierce disease attacks your frame,
Your Saviour’s love is still the same;
In death’s dark shade you need not fear,
For Jesus will be with you there.

7. When stars are from their orbits hurl’d,
And flames consume the guilty world,
E’en then your Judge will smiling cry,
Be not afraid, for it is I.

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