Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Digital version of the J. L. White Sacred Harp, 2007 Edition

New hard copies of The Sacred Harp, Fourth Edition with Supplement by J. L. White (2007 Edition) are no longer available. Through the work of Karen Willard, though, a digital version is available. From Steven Sabol’s web site:
Digital version of the J. L. White Sacred Harp, 2007 Edition. Karen Willard announced the following in January 2016: “The hard copy edition of the re-typeset-in-2007 JL White Sacred Harp is freshly available now as a PDF. This PDF is fully searchable for any word, so one can look up authors, composers, words in the lyrics, and tune names as well as to turn immediately to a given song page. To facilitate this latter function, the ordering of the pages was carefully arranged so that the PDF page number matches the page number of the tunes. This can be used on any tablet and Kindles that are the size of the Fire HD and larger. The cost is $10.00. To order, folks should write to An invoice will be sent, and folks can then pay either via Paypal, Square, or check. Once payment is received (same day when done electronically) a link will be emailed for the customer to download the book.”

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