Sunday, November 03, 2013

Reports from the body of Christ: a Chandelier

At monthly conference of the body of Christ meeting at Sandy Valley, Reverend Nebbish Peacock suggested the church buy a chandelier to put at the front of the auditorium. Several members nodded in agreement as Deacons Dobbs & Drewery offered up a move and second. The pastor called for discussion. Senior Deacon Tal Goodnews rose and asked to speak to the question. Deacon Goodnews said he could see three reasons to not buy the chandelier. "First," says he, "ain't no one here knows how to spell it. Besides that, ain't no one here knows how to play it." The old deacon paused for emphasis and cleared his throat, "And, third, what we really need is a new light!"

The motion failed.


RCope said...

I think I know Deacon Goodnews! If it's not him I know, I've pastored his kin.

Unknown said...