Thursday, November 14, 2013

The next lynx

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* Answers to arguments against Intelligent Design -- "...many critics mistakenly insist that ID, in spite of its well-defined purpose, its supporting evidence, and its mathematically precise paradigms, is not really a valid scientific theory."
* Church league participation costs Colgate's Nathan Harries year of eligibility -- "... the NCAA has picked the wrong time take a stand. Again."
* Hernando teacher suspended after requiring fourth-grader to participate in Pledge of Allegiance -- "The issue is one that has cropped up in school districts across the country for decades: Do students have a right to opt out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"
* Is Church Membership Biblical? -- "When you begin to look at these texts it becomes clear that God’s plan for his church is that we would belong to a local covenant community of faith. This is for our own protection and maturation, and for the good of others."
* Seven Seeds You Should Be Eating -- "You probably hear a lot about the healthy superfoods you should be eating, but have you heard of superseeds?"
* US health chief sees low early 'Obamacare' enrollment -- "Put simply, there is a long track record of broken promises and untruthful answers to both this committee and the American people with respect to how this law would work and the impact it would have."
* Your personality type determines your paycheck -- "Upset that your paycheck isn't quite the size you'd like it to be? Ready to blame your company, the economy, Obama? Turns out you need to look a lot closer to home: in the mirror, specifically."

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