Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The joke's on you, Baptist

A Roman Catholic, a Methodist, a Presbyterian, and a Baptist went fishing together on an "ecumenical" fishing trip. They got into an debate on what denomination Jesus would be. The Roman Catholic said that without doubt he would be part of the "Mother Church". The Presbyterian said, "No, no. When you consider all that John Calvin did for the Christian faith, there is no question he would be a part of the Reformed tradition." The Methodist said, "No, no, no, no. When you consider all that John and Charles Wesley did, we know he would unite with the Methodist connection." 

The old Baptist looked perplexed for a few minutes and said, "Boys, I don't think He's going to change!"

A woman conducting an experiment invited a Roman Catholic priest, a Presbyterian elder, and a Baptist deacon over for dessert and served them watermelon balls infused with vodka. The Roman Catholic priest took a bite and smiled, and then slowly and methodically ate the rest. The Presbyterian elder took a bite, gobbled it up and asked for seconds. The Baptist deacon took one bite, put the spoon down...
...and started putting the seeds in his pocket.

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