Friday, November 01, 2013

I wish...

I wish churches would stop calling "listenings" singings! This morning I perked up as the radio announced a singing at [name left off to protect the guilty] Baptist Church. I wanted to get the details. But my hopes were dashed as the announcer told us that the So&So Family Singers would perform at the Guilty Baptist Church. That ain't no singing! It's a listening.

A singing is a gathering of persons for the purpose of singing -- a singing convention or a community singing (some call it a "sing" and some a "sangin'"). Whether a "singing" or a "sing" or a "sangin'", listening is not singing. Perhaps so few actually sing anymore that folks have forgotten what a singing is. Please don't announce a singing if you're having a performance. Don't tell us you're having a singing if you're just having a listening.

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