Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grace and Providence

Grace and Providence (Long Meter) by William Cowper, Hymn 81 in Olney Hymns

1. Almighty King! whose wondrous hand,
Supports the weight of sea and land;
Whose grace is such a boundless store,
No heart shall break that sighs for more.

2. Thy Providence supplies my food,
And ’tis thy blessing makes it good;
My soul is nourished by thy word,
Let soul and body praise the Lord.

3. My streams of outward comfort came
From him, who built this earthly frame;
Whate’er I want his bounty gives,
By whom my soul for ever lives.

4. Either his hand preserves from pain,
Or, if I feel it, heals again;
From Satan’s malice shields my breast,
Or overrules it for the best.

5. Forgive the song that falls so low
Beneath the gratitude I owe!
It means thy praise, however poor,
An angel’s song can do no more.

Oliver Holden used the last stanza for his tune Cowper, page 168 in The Sacred Harp.

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