Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Old song books online

A collection of online sources for 19th century shape note tunebooks, whether digital images or re-typesettings

* A Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony by Ananias Davisson
* Harmonia Ecclesiæ by Jesse B. Aikin
* Indian Melodies by Thomas Commuck
* Last Words, or Spirit Whispers by W. T. Dale
* Repository of Sacred Music and Repository of Sacred Music, Part Second by John Wyeth
* Songs for All by Edwin T. Pound (round notes, shape notes, Hood's notation, Fillmore's notation!)
* Songs for All, with Supplement by E. T. Pound
* Songs of Zion, by James P. Carrell
* The Art of Singing by Andrew Law
* The Beauties of Harmony by Freeman Lewis
* The Christian Lyre by Joshua Leavitt
* The Christian Minstrel by Jesse B. Aikin
* The Easy Instructor by William Little and William Smith
* The Harmonia Sacra by Joseph Funk
The Hesperian Harp by William Hauser
* The Minstrel of Zion by Samuel Wakefield
* The Missouri Harmony by Allen D. Carden
* The New Harp of Columbia by M. L. Swan
* The Ohio Harmonist by Alexander Auld
The Olive Leaf by William Hauser
* The Sacred Harp by B. F. White and E. J. King (1860)
* The Sacred Harp or Eclectic Harmony by Lowell and Timothy Mason
* The Social Harp by John Gordon McCurry
* The Southern Harmony by William Walker
* The Southern & Western Pocket Harmonist by William Walker
* The Starry Crown by A. S. Kieffer
* The Virginia Harmony by James P. Carrell
* Zion Songster by A. S. Kieffer

* Digital images of Original Sacred Harp songs (1960-1971) that were deleted in the 1991 Edition
* Original Sacred Harp by J. S. James
* Sacred Harp,  Cooper Book songs with unprinted bass runs
* The Harmony of Maine by Supply Belcher
* The Psalm-Singer's Amusement by William Billings

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