Saturday, November 09, 2013


WORSHIP by Brian Crossley
When the Creator of heaven and earth performed the final act of creation, it was His pleasure to create man in His own image. In all of creation, it is man alone who has the capacity to see into the depths of space, to marvel at the order and design of the universe, and to delight in the beauty with which God has clothed His creation. As we contemplate the wonders of God’s handiwork, there are two contrasting impressions which are certain to invade our thoughts. On the one band, we cannot help but be humbled at the awareness of our own insignificance to the creation. On the other hand, as we witness the grandness of His creation, the spirit that is within us simply demands our praise of the God whose Word brought it all into being.
This is the essence of worship -- to fall upon our knees in humble adoration of the Most High God, Creator of heaven and earth. This, brethren, is the ultimate reason for which we were created in His own image. There is no higher achievement to which man can attain than to testify of God’s glory, His sovereignty, and His holiness. He, and He alone, is worthy of worship!
Psalm 113:5 “Who is like unto the Lord our God...”
The Baptist Waymark, Vol. IV No. 6, Nov-Dec 1996, p. 4

Worship Quotes
"Anything which makes it easier for us to worship spiritually should be encouraged while anything that draws attention to itself rather than God should be eliminated from our corporate worship services..." -- Robert G. Rayburn

"Worship is an overflow of a mind renewed by the truth of God. Contemplating God is the trigger that sets off worship." -- John MacArthur

"We preach about presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, but then we want to anesthetize our nervous system and eliminate normal emotional responses." -- Warren Wiersbe

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