Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baptist Fools

Concerning Baptist Polity and Baptist Fools

Q. Under your denominational polity, if every man may think, talk, and act for himself, what do you do with your fools?

A. In the first place it must be admitted that there are some Baptist fools, or rather, some fools who are Baptists. It’s really a strong point for us, that it does not take very much sense to be a Baptist, for the essential things in the New Testament are as simple as Divinity can make them, and wonderfully well adapted to people at small understanding. I would not be disposed to admit that we have more (fools) than other denominations in proportion, but I would stoutly maintain that we came honestly by all that we have. We got them by preaching the simple gospel to simple people. And that is the finest thing any people in the world ever engaged in. It must be admitted that the Baptist fool is rather unhandy. But take him all around, down to the bottom, there is more solid New Testament wisdom in him that in continental conferences of men, who are full of the wisdom of the world and know little of the wisdom which emanates from the source of all light, the Holy Scriptures.

J. B. Gambrell; The Baptist Standard, July 1908

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