Friday, November 08, 2013

Quotes from here and there

"All I can say is 'This is the way of Christ and His apostles'. If any man answers, 'That is out of date', or 'Times have changed'...I can only repeat 'This is the way of Christ and His apostles', and leave him to face that issue." -- Roland Allen

"Christ is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all." -- Hudson Taylor

"It is not enough to do God's work; it must be done in His way and for His credit." -- Erwin Lutzer

“Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.” -- Herman Melville

"The fact that so many Christians gauge their personal estimate of the worth of a worship service on the basis of personal enjoyment indicates that they do not really comprehend what is involved in corporate Christian worship." -- Robert G. Rayburn

"Fear forces, but faith follows." -- copied

"To whom little is not enough, nothing is enough." -- copied

"Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening." -- Dorothy Sarnoff

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