Tuesday, November 05, 2013

When he refused to eat

WHEN HE REFUSED TO EAT from Apostle of Sunshine by John Durham.
One evening late, A. P. Durham arrived at a home where he planned to spend the night. Supper was over but the hostess at once began preparing a meal for him. She soon had it ready, called him to the table and began at once making apologies for such a ‘poor meal’: “Brother Durham, I just haven’t anything to set before you, that is fit to eat.” Then she added a few more apologies. He sat at the table for some time, talking about things in general, but ignoring his supper altogether. The lady, mortified at his inattention to the meal, asked “Brother Durham, aren’t you going to eat anything at all?” He replied, “No, sister, you said it was not fit to eat, and I don’t usually eat anything that isn’t fit to eat.” Then she apologized for having made such extreme apologies, and accepted his remarks as a gentle reprimand for her exaggerations.
Copied from The Baptist Waymark, Vol. III No. 5, September-October 1995, p. 4

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