Saturday, March 14, 2015

A priest, a rabbi and a minister

A priest, a rabbi and a minister decide to see who is best at his job. Converting people could sometimes be difficult, but the new challenge is to go into the woods, find a bear and try to convert it. They would meet in a coffee shop the next week and each tell his story.

The priest goes out into the wilderness and finds a bear. He reads from the catechism and the bear begins to slap him around. Quickly the priest grabs his holy water, sprinkles him with it while saying Hail Marys. The bear becomes as gentle as a lamb.

The pastor also goes out in the wilderness and finds a bear. He waves his Bible in the air and starts preaching to it. The bear grabs the pastor and they wrestle down the hill into a creek. Thinking fast, the pastor dunks the bear under the water and baptizes him in the name of Jesus- and he becomes as gentle as a lamb.

The priest and the pastor meet at the coffee shop to discuss their experiences. The rabbi doesn't show up. The priest tells his story proudly, noting that next week will be the bear's First Communion. The pastor also relates his tale, asserting they have diversified their membership down at the First Church. They then wonder out loud why the rabbi hasn't shown up. The barista tells them that she heard he is in the hospital.

The priest and the pastor hurry to the hospital to find their friend. When they reach his room, to their horror they find him bandaged from head to toe, and missing one arm. "What happened to you?" they inquire breathlessly.

After a few minutes of silence the rabbi spoke. "Well," he said, "Looking back on it, maybe I shouldn't have started with the circumcision!"

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