Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Pastor the people who are there: reprise

On the third on February I blogged about pastoring the people who are there rather than the imaginary people who are not. Two weeks ago I heard a prominent radio pastor unknowingly acknowledge this very thing. He spoke of his first church having only a "handful" of people on Sunday mornings -- 150! He complained that on bad weather days they might only have 75. Then he proudly stated that God showed him that this was not it. That is, that was not really what God had for him to do. He had bigger and better things in store for him. Now he pastors a church with a membership of around 15,000 and weekly worship attendance of about 5000 (not sure where the missing 10,000 are).

How sad for the poor "handful" of 150 church members that "God" and this preacher were not interested in! He was only biding his time there until he found the people "God" had not not given him yet. How much sadder that this scenario is replicated over and over again in modern American churches.

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