Monday, March 02, 2015

Dirty little secret and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* Another View on Obama's Comments on the Crusades, Slavery, and Jim Crow -- "He was wrong in assuming that all religions are the same at their core and in not illustrating what caused Christianity to recognize the error and to expunge it."
* Carjackers rob Baptist minister at gunpoint in front of St. Louis church -- "An associate minister at a Baptist church was robbed at gunpoint by carjackers Tuesday night as she sat in her idling SUV in front of the church, police say."
* Christians have waged their own ‘holy wars -- "The deeply pious Christian ruler Charlemagne, for instance, conquered and forcibly converted neighboring pagan peoples in the 700s, slaughtering thousands who resisted."
* Churches offer drive-by ashes -- "...the steady stream of worshippers...lined up in cars and in person at churches across the country Wednesday and waited for a priest to walk out and apply a cross of ashes on their foreheads."
* Don't Play the Lottery for Me!-- "The lottery is another opportunity to pierce your soul with many pangs, and lead your children into ruin."
* Gay Marriage, What Does Our Constitution Say? -- "The Constitution does not say it is against the law to rob a bank. The Constitution does not say it is against the law to murder your neighbor. The Constitution does not say it is against the law to sell or use drugs."
How Jon Stewart turned lies into comedy and brainwashed a generation -- "Brian Williams lied about his personal exploits a few times. Jon Stewart was unabashedly and habitually dishonest."
* Hundreds of Indian Christians arrested during protest over church attacks -- "Though hate groups have targeted Indian Christians in the past, some experts say the BJP’s victory has bolstered their activities.
* Mother of four wins $188 million in Powerball, says first ‘purchase’ is to pay tithes-- "WTKR reports that Holmes’ portion of the $564 million jackpot is roughly $188 million."
* Terry Bradshaw: Wouldn't Have Won All Those Superbowls if Phil Robertson Hadn't Left Football to Hunt Ducks -- Phil with Terry Bradshaw
The Dirty Little Secret: Most Gay Couples Aren't Monogamous -- "In writing about the subject, gay people emphasize the aspects of their relationships that sound most wholesome and straight-like..."

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