Monday, March 02, 2015

Benen's Bilge

In an opinion piece on The MaddowBlog, a "mad as a March Hare" MSNBC contributor named Steve Benen took aim at Rand Paul and then unloaded his six-shooter on Ron Paul. According to Benen's quirky commentary, the views of Ron Paul are bizarre, kooky, strange, fringe, ridiculous and off-the-wall. Surely if he uses enough adjectives some weak-minded readers will believe every word of it. But looking at Benen's background I'm sure I can find beliefs that are bizarre, conjectures that are kooky, stands that are strange, feelings that are fringe, reasoning that is ridiculous and opinion that is off-the-wall. 

Hey, Benen, instead of telling us how you feel, use your op ed to identify Paul's positions and then use logical arguments to counter them.  

[Disclaimer: I don't agree with all of either Paul's points of view, but they're far from the strangest politicians. And I'm the only person I know who doesn't have any odd opinions.]

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