Monday, March 23, 2015

Normal life and other quotes

The posting of quotes by human authors does not constitute agreement with either the quotes or their sources.

Doc Holliday to Wyatt Earp in Tombstone: "There's no normal life, Wyatt, it's just life. Get on with it."

"The man who knows himself least is likely to have a cheerful if groundless confidence in his own moral worth." -- A. W. Tozer

"Is it not true that we can see the work of GOD in others more easily than we can see the same in ourselves? If this were not so we would soon be lifted up and destroyed in our pride. That man who rejoices and speaks constantly of the work of the SPIRIT in himself is probably devoid of the same." -- Mike McInnis

"Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late." -- Benjamin Franklin 

"He who laughs, lasts!" -- (published by) Mary Pettibone Poole (though perhaps from an earlier source)

"Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due." -- often attributed to William Ralph Inge, but has been found to predate his saying it

"If you want to change the public's perceptions of this or that, attack their understanding of history and revise it. Most people today are so ignorant of history (and so unwilling to study it for themselves) that they will take your word for it and revise their views." -- Robert Hughes

"Truth is the same through all generations." -- Tom Fillinger

Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar.
"Get out of here!" shouts the bartender. "We don't serve your type."

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