Monday, March 09, 2015

Ethnodoxology and other music links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

  • BassHymn -- "Learn your bass parts here! Find and click the link, watch and sing along!"
  • “Doc” Dooley Obituary -- "...Gospel music was part of Doc’s life from an early age...By his late teens he began playing piano for professional gospel quartets, including the famous Stamps-Baxter Quartet."
  • Don Hustad: Twentieth Century Musical Renaissance Man -- "During his ninety-four years (1918-2013), Hustad served with distinction as a musician, educator, author, organist, conductor, and professor."
  • Ethnodoxology with Robin Harris -- "“Ethnodoxology” is a relatively new term (1997) that Dr. Harris defines as the “study of the worship of God by peoples around the world.”"
  • FOR OR AGAINST: Style-Based Worship Services -- "...we will look at the plusses and minuses of churches leading style-based worship services."
  • Glen Weldon Payne -- "Glen [Payne] and George [Younce] were the mainstays of the...Cathedrals...In 1999, Glen and George decided to retire the Cathedrals due to Glen’s age and George’s declining health. It was during their farewell tour that Glen became ill."
  • Singing With Non-Baptist -- "They are willing to go to a singing convention with all the religious groups in town, but believe pulpit affiliation would be wrong. How can this be?"
  • The Use of Hymns in Wedding Ceremonies -- "Religious Hymns can be a wonderful and important addition to any wedding ceremony."

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