Saturday, June 16, 2018

Are you celebrating Bloomsday?

Are you celebrating Bloomsday? I grew up in the country and I've heard of Bloom Day -- the day you don't want to plant because certain crops will produce only blooms and no fruit. But I'd never heard of Bloomsday until I received my Oxford English Dictionary word of the day in my e-mail today. According to OED Bloomsday is the "16th of June 1904. Also: the 16th of June of any year, on which celebrations take place, esp. in Ireland, to mark the anniversary of the events in Joyce's Ulysses."

For Celebrants of Literary Legend James Joyce, Bloomsday is a Day Like No Other
In March 1914, Joyce had started writing “Ulysses” but put it aside to finish his play “Exiles.” On June 16th, 1915, he wrote his brother Stanislaus to say he had finished the first episode of it. After a long serialization, it was then was published as a full version in a very limited edition, and shortly after, Joyce’s friends began to mark June 16th as Bloomsday.
Guess I'll miss it, as I have the other 59 years of my life!

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