Saturday, June 02, 2018

A Pastor with a D. Min. Degree, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.
  • A Pastor with a D. Min. Degree Should Not Be Addressed as "Dr." -- "One thing that bothers me is the number of pastors who complete D.Min. degrees and then refer to themselves (or allow others to refer to them as) "Dr." As a practitioner's degree, the preface of Dr. for a D.Min. grad is not appropriate, as it is with an academic's degree, such as a Ph.D., Th.D., or even Ed.D."
  • A word about criticism from anonymous sources -- "Anonymous critiques are shorn of this biblical wisdom, and they invite skepticism and contempt."
  • Composing a Doctrinal Statement [intro and philosophy] -- " First, it obviously should define the church as an orthodox Christian church. Beyond that, however, it should further define the church in areas of distinctions between “camps”. Lastly, I believe the doctrinal statement should include in it those issues which have become, rightly or wrongly, hot-button issues in the surrounding culture"
  • Crusade for the Faith: The Protestant Fundamentalist Movement in Texas -- "Dissertation By Patsy S. Ledbetter"
  • Foundational Truths -- "Key doctrines for Christians"
  • Is It Immodest to Wear Deliberately Ripped Clothes? -- "Wearing ripped clothes has become a fashion statement that supposedly says a person is carefree, uninhibited and self-sufficient. Ironically, such “independent” people are flocking to the fashion in a rush to look just like everyone else."
  • Kay Jay Vee Potpourri -- "Scripture teaches the preservation of words and that's what I believe.  Scripture is written.  That's part of a biblical belief."
  • Monkeying with the Scopes “Monkey” Trial -- "There has never been a stranger trial in the history of American jurisprudence than the famous Scopes “monkey trial” that took place in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925."
  • Statement Regarding Dr. Paige Patterson, by SWBTS Board of Trustees -- "After much prayer and a more than 13-hour discussion...the Board determined to move in the direction of new leadership for the benefit of the future mission of the Seminary."
  • Statement by the Southwestern Theological Seminary -- "... the Executive Committee unanimously resolved to terminate Dr. Paige Patterson, effective immediately..."
  • The Case For Independent Baptist Churches -- "In spite of the historical and Biblical evidence that New Testament churches were all independent Baptist churches and remained such for centuries, the advocates of the various organizations either claim or insinuate that independent Baptists are of recent origin."
  • The Gospel & Evangelism -- "...formal evangelism presentations are not the gospel...Since the gospel is inconceivable without the person of Christ, the identity and nature of his work are paramount to a proper understanding of the gospel."
  • The Lord’s Supper -- "The Lord’s Supper is not to be refused by Christians to whom it is offered. There is a gross misunderstanding that surrounds the “worthiness” spoken in Scripture..."
  • The Problem of the Parables -- "Is the Purpose of the Parables to Reveal Truth? Is the Purpose of the Parables to Conceal Truth?"
  • The Wide Chasm Between Biblical Principles and Biblical Ideals -- "We were both Calvinists. We were both convinced of believer’s baptism. We both agreed church membership was biblical. We even agreed that congregationalism was biblical...While on paper, it looked like we agreed—in practice, we didn’t agree on how our shared ideas should play themselves out in the actual decisions of a church’s life."
  • Unleavened Bread and Unleavened Drink -- "Both the bread and the wine of the Lord's Supper are designed to picture the body and blood of the crucified Christ."
  • What the Church Can and Should Bring to the #MeToo Movement -- "...many cases of genuine abuse never rise to the level of civil or criminal action, leaving the survivor to feel like there’s no justice. In church discipline, however, we have the unique opportunity to carry out a form of justice in the lives of our members."
  • Why I'm King James and the Contrast with a Dangerous King James Version Position -- "First, preservation entails preserving something.  It preserves something that was there already.  If it wasn't there, it isn't preservation.  Translation itself is not preservation.  What is preserved existed already."

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