Sunday, May 04, 2014

News from Sandy Valley: a chicken tale

Widow Alma Popper invited the Reverend Peacock and his wife to dinner. They knew the poverty in which she lived and didn't expect much. They were flabbergasted with the vast array of dishes she put before them. The old sister had fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken dressing, and just about any other chicken dish a minister could think of. They ate until they could hold no more, then rested & visited awhile before giving the parting hand. Rev. & Sister Peacock thanked Widow Popper profusely as they left. As they walked toward the gate, two chickens wobbled around the corner and fell to the ground convulsing.

The preacher called for the widow and screamed, "Sister Popper, something's wrong with your chickens!"

The Widow Popper replied, "I know. They're dying faster than I can cook 'em."

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