Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thoughts on same-sex marriage

Some comments from a Michigan black pastors' coalition, and two links:
"The fact that American media or other factions erroneously characterize the traditional meaning of 'marriage' as being on par with the civil rights deprivations of Black Americans does not make it so."
"A person’s sexuality and sexual preferences, however, are not their state of being, or even an immutable aspect of who they are, as race is," it reads. "The truth of the matter is that it is merely activity in which they engage. The state has no responsibility to promote any person’s sexual proclivities, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or otherwise."
"All states routinely require certain qualifications to obtain a marriage license and disallow certain individuals who do not meet those qualifications. States discriminate against first cousins, for example, by not allowing them to marry. States discriminate against bigamists, polygamists, and polyamorists in the licensing of marriage, and it is within the states’ right to do so."
* Idaho Marraige ruling by U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale -- "After careful consideration, the Court finds Idaho’s Marriage Laws unconstitutional.

* The Mirage of Same-Sex Marriage -- "This indeed is a complicated ruling."

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