Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brumbelow on same-sex marriage

The following was written by Pastor David Brumbelow, author of the Gulf Coast Pastor blog.

I believe Christians should oppose same-sex marriage for a number of reasons. They should do so while “speaking the truth in love.”
1. The Bible condemns it.
2. Legalization gives the practice governmental legitimacy. The government is placing its stamp of approval on homosexuality.
3. It encourages further homosexual activity and experimentation.
4. It is taught as normal and legitimate in public schools.
5. Christians are forced to give their approval of same-sex marriage or suffer the consequences. We thereby lose Religious Liberty.
6. Children struggling with sexual identity are encouraged toward homosexuality; or at least it‘s presented as a normal lifestyle. They can thereby be seriously harmed.
7. Children in homosexual marriages suffer and struggle.
8. The true meaning of marriage is re-defined.

David R. Brumbelow, by permission, originally posted HERE.

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