Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tulips, Roses, Poinsettias and Lilies: a veritable theological garden

Several years ago I posted on Calvinism and other acrostics. Since that time I've noticed a few other theological acronyms blooming. Here's some of the old and new.

The oldest and most established flower, of course, is the Tulip.
The Five Points of Calvinism

Others that have appeared in the soteriological hot bed, though not necessarily flourished, include:

* “Roses” (an Alternative to TULIP)

Two different Daisies (one of which sounds more like a caricature of Arminian theology than a flower planted by an Arminian)
* The Five Points of Arminianism
* DAISY: The 5 Points of Arminianism

The Lily
* Malcolm Yarnell's Lily

Lilac (an "Arminian" list also crafted by a Calvinist)
* The Poisonous Petals of the Arminian LILAC

As if Calvinism needed another, there is always the Aster:
Absolute predestination
Specific atonement
Total inability
Effectual calling
Reliable promise

Perhaps the best supported of the new acronyms is the Poinsettia, sporting many more than the traditional five petals.
* Doctrinal Statement -- "Poinsettia: a new flower in the soteriological garden"

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