Sunday, April 01, 2018

Nothing, either great or small

By James Proctor

1. Nothing, either great or small—
Nothing, sinner, no;
Jesus died and paid it all,
Long, long ago.

“It is finish’d!” yes, indeed,
Finished, every jot;
Sinner, this is all you need,
Tell me, is it not?

2. When He, from His lofty throne,
Stoop’d to do and die,
Ev’rything was fully done;
“Tis finished” was his cry!

3. Weary, working, burden’d one,
Wherefore toil you so?
Cease your doing; all was done
Long, long ago. (Ages long ago.)

4. Till to Jesus’ work you cling,
By a simple faith;
“Doing is a deadly thing—
Doing ends in death.”

5. Cast your deadly “doing” down—
Down at Jesus’ feet;
Stand in Him, in Him alone,
Gloriously complete.

Another Refrain:
Jesus paid it all,
All the debt I owe
And nothing, either great or small,
Remains for me to do.

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