Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Baptisms, some so-called

Anabaptism: belief in and practice of rebaptism;[i] that is, rejection of a prior so-called baptism as null and void

Antipaedobaptism: the opposition to the baptism of infants

Baptism: the observance of the New Testament rite of immersion in water of believers in Jesus Christ (but practiced by pouring or sprinkling in some churches, and on infants in some churches)

Catabaptism: the opposition to baptism; sometimes applied to those who oppose the baptism of infants

Credo-baptism: believers’ baptism; a statement of belief in Jesus Christ is necessary before one is baptized

Certo-baptism: “the baptism of someone whose bona fides have been underwritten officially by a local church”

Exousi-baptism: the belief in and practice of valid baptism only by those who have authority delegated to perform the act

Paedobaptism: the practice of immersing, sprinkling, or pouring water on infants (aka infant baptism)

Se-baptism: the baptism of one’s own self; the practice of baptizing oneself (aka self-baptism)

[i] Though the term is in widespread use, most “Anabaptists” do not believe their practice is “Anabaptism.” For example Balthasar Hubmaier in his Short Apology, “I have never taught Anabaptism. I know of none, except that in Acts xix. But the right baptism of Christ, which is preceded by teaching and oral confession of faith, I teach, and say that infant baptism is a robbery of the right baptism of Christ, and a misuse of the high name of God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, altogether opposed to the institution of Christ and to the customs of the apostles.”

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