Monday, April 02, 2018

Biblical fidelity and Christ-like compassion

Must we choose between biblical fidelity and Christ-like compassion? The answer is No – a thousand times, No!...Affirming [same sex attraction] as a Christian category – “gay in Christ” – is both biblically inaccurate and humanly unrealistic. What else, then? The what else for the homosexual question turns out to be the same as for every other sin. I know of no one who would affirm an orientation toward idol-worship, blasphemy, violence, laziness, stealing, lying, or covetousness (I’m perusing the Ten Commandments, you will observe). So why would we take a more positive position towards homosexual desire than any other sinful desire, especially when the Bible speaks with particular stridence when it comes to sexual sins against the created order? The answer is that for the love of God and man we should not.
-- Richard D. Phillips

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