Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10 Reasons Why The KJV, and other links

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  • 10 Reasons Why The KJV Is Still The Most Popular Version -- "It’s all very well for scholars and academics to do their clever stuff with variant readings...However, the vast majority of Christians just want a clean and clear Bible version, without question marks, qualifications, or thick black lines and brackets around cherished passages."
  • Cessationism — Proving Charismatic Gifts have Ceased -- "We believe, however, that the ceasing of revelatory and sign-gifts in the time of the apostles is very plainly taught in God’s Word, so plainly, in fact, that the opposite view has only seriously appeared in the last 100 years or so."
  • Conservatives and Liberals in Biblical Studies -- "The solution is not to admit that conservatives—people who believe in the truth of the Bible they’re studying—can be objective, too, but to acknowledge that everyone has an agenda. Everyone has a worldview driven ultimately by loves at the center of his or her heart."
  • Fundies and the Super Bowl -- "I’m wondering if perhaps “fundies” have advantage in our emerging justice culture that others don’t have. Fundies grew up knowing that what they watched and where they went had moral importance."
  • Head Covering in the Worship of God -- " The plain fact of the matter is that the apostle is here sanctioning neither Jewish nor Greek usage. He is arguing on peculiarly Christian principles..."
  • Jesus and the Woman from Tyre (Mark 7:24-30) -- "The Bible suggests several important things about the Trinity from this little account..."
  • Plain Reasons for Keeping to the Authorised Version -- " It is right to keep to the Authorised Version, not because it is older, but because it is better than the versions offered in its place."
  • Mutual Debts in Marriage -- "Scripture teaches that husbands and wives have dues or debts or obligations to each other which must be paid, and paid with love."
  • Richard Nixon and Remembering People's Names -- "He was a lowly elevator boy, and here a powerful Senator from California not only remembered his name, he remembered the name of his wife and two small kids."
  • The Authorised Version and New Translations -- "men no longer read the Bible not because they cannot understand its language, but because they do not believe in it."
  • The Fundamentalists and Billy Graham -- "Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentalist view of Billy Graham has to remember just how deeply Billy was loved in fundamentalist circles and how heavily fundamentalist leaders had invested in his ministry."
  • The King James Bible Dictionary -- " the first dictionary to contain definitions for every word in the Bible. It is a hybrid dictionary combining the best known and mostly widely used and respected Bible dictionaries and concordance into one usable format."
  • The Simplicity of Biblical Parenting -- "Those who firmly believe that the Scriptures are sufficient for faith and practice should also believe that a matter as important as Christian parenting is sufficiently addressed in the Bible."
  • Waters That Unite: Five Truths About Water Baptism -- "Throughout the New Testament, baptism comes after belief. Even when households were baptized, as with Stephanas (1 Corinthians 1:16), the baptism came to the believers of the household."
  • Why I Use the King James Version -- "I use the KJV because words that are not there in the original are italicized in the KJV."
  • Why Study Hebrew (or Greek)? -- "Probably many of my Hebrew exegesis students have thought it. Only my son had the nerve to ask it."

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