Friday, April 20, 2018

Inerrancy and Worldview, and other books

Links to writings about the Bible
  • A New Hearing for the Authorized Version -- "...I have made a comparison of the English Bibles published from 1525 (Tyndale’s) to the present, 1978 (New International Version, first edition), with a view to the New Testament specifically, and have arrived at the following conclusion: keeping in consideration both the divine and the human aspects of the Bible, the Authorized Version (which shall hereafter be referred to as A.V. or King James Version) should be retained in the churches, in Bible studies, and in the classroom, because of the superiority of its Greek text, translation, and English usage; and because it is a link with our past as well as a unifying factor for the present."
  • Answers to Objections to Our Authorized Bible -- "I now wish to submit to this body, who heard these charges against me read in your ears, how my Reviewers have handled their material."
  • Bible Database Online Bibles -- "Many English Bibles online in chapter files. This site also has many Bibles in other European and Asian languages."
  • English Bible Translations: By What Standard? -- "...we have called the English-speaking church to return to the AV as the standard English Bible..."
  • English Revised Version Bible, 1881-1885 -- Online access to a version that doesn't seem to be readily here
  • In Discordance with the Scriptures: American Protestant Battles Over Translating the Bible -- "...many Americans thought of the KJV as the foundational text of the Republic, rather than a cultural inheritance from Anglican Britain."
  • Inerrancy and Worldview by Vern Sheridan Poythress -- "The Bible has much to say about God and about how we can come to know him. What it says is deeply at odds with much of the thinking in the modern world."
  • Our Authorized Bible Vindicated -- "With regard to the different versions, it is necessary, while confirming the glorious inspiration of the Bible, to warn the people against Bibles which include false books, and, especially at the present time, against the dangers of false readings in genuine books."
  • Parallel Text of Historic Bibles, NT -- "The New Testament from Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva Bible, and King James Version in parallel columns"
  • Parallel Text of Historic Bibles, Pentateuch -- "The Pentateuch from Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva Bible, and King James Version in parallel columns"
  • The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills -- "…Hills’ training under J. Gresham Machen, John Murray, R. B. Kuiper and most especially, Cornelius Van Til, would not allow him to rest content with the neutral method to which he had been initiated at the University of Chicago and Harvard."
  • The various endings of Mark -- "304 is noted in NA as witness for having no ending. Maurice Robinson has examined a microfilm of the end of the manuscript, however, and offers these observations..."
  • Web Directory: English Bible Versions -- "A treasure trove of Bible and Bible-related links"

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