Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Morning-Star arose

Luke 2:29-32

1. Upon a world of guilt and night 
The Morning-Star arose. 
Enough! mine eyes have seen its light: 
Now welcome death's repose." 

2. Prophetic joy those words inspired, 
When, in the Virgin's Son, 
Simeon beheld the long-desired, 
And bless'd God's Holy One. 

3. “Now lettest Thou Thy servant, Lord! 
In peace his soul resign. 
These eyes, according to Thy word, 
See Judah's Day-Star shine. 

4. "The Light of Life, whose healing ray 
Shall sin's deep shades dispel; 
To Gentile lands salvation's day; 
Thy glory, Israel!" 

5. Faith still beholds her risen Lord, 
Though hid from mortal sight. 
Shine forth, O Saviour! in Thy word, 
And fill the world with light. 

-- from The Choir and the Oratory; Or Praise and Prayer, by Josiah Conder, London: Jackson and Walford, 1837

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