Monday, February 15, 2016

Mary at the Feet of Christ.

"For she loved much..." Luke 7:47

1 When Mary to the Heavenly Guest 
Her duteous offering made,
And, faith's allegiance to attest, 
Her weeping homage paid; 

2 The heavy drops, distinctly traced 
On His untended feet, 
Soon every stain of toil effaced, 
And gave Him welcome meet.

3 She with her veil of folding hair 
The broidered woof supplied, 
And ministered with gentlest care 
The rites His host denied. 

4 Then, on that more than regal head, 
(Unseen its glory-crown,)
The broken alabaster shed 
Its costly incense down. 

5 More precious than her Indian nard 
The homage it expressed,— 
The humblest, holiest regard, 
Her contrite tears confessed. 

6 So would I bow, ascended King! 
And thy forgiveness move.
No worthy tribute can I bring: 
Thou wilt the Giver prove. 

7 So at thy feet my faith shall live, 
By love adoring led; 
My heart its broken marble give, 
But Thou the perfume shed.

--Mrs. Josiah Conder (nee Joan Elisabeth Thomas)

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