Friday, February 19, 2016

The Affair of the Sausages

In 1522 in Zürich, Switzerland, preacher Ulrich Zwingli taught on the basis of sola scriptura that "Christians are free to fast or not to fast because the Bible does not prohibit the eating of meat during Lent." "The Affair of the Sausages" soon followed. 
"[Reformer, Ulrich] Zwingli’s sermon [Concerning Choice and Liberty Respecting Food, in 1522] inspired a couple of his supporters to eat sausage at the home of Christoph Froschauer, a nearby printer at Zurich. It may seem silly to us, but this occurred during the season of Lent and breaking the Lenten fast directly challenged the authority of the Church. Froschauer was arrested. While Zwingli did not join the others in breaking the Lenten fast, he did condone their actions in light of scripture and the concept of Christian liberty. This eventually led to a public disputation or debate in January of 1523."
From The Affair of Sausages (where you can read more)

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