Friday, June 21, 2013

Are there no foes for me to face?

Back in December 2012 I purchased some prime property, an old farm named The Sacred Harp -- 594 beautiful acres still in surprising shape, that whispers heaven to me. I've finally obtained my Peaceful Shore and my Long Sought Home. Hills such as Primrose, Zion and Haw Ridge grace the rolling landscape. I feel like I have landed in the Highlands of Heaven. Refreshing Showers water the Rose of Sharon which so sweetly perfumes the air. A Sacred Stream gently meanders from my Pleasant Hill down to the Ocean. Once I had a glorious view, I would Return Again and again to see the sweet fields arrayed in living green. Oh, How Wonderful!

But as they say, nothing's perfect. Soon I learned two notorious families -- the Sharps and the Flats -- were squatting just outside the anterior regions of my boundary. Usually there were only a couple of them, but at times more would show up. I resigned myself to make the best of it, and hoped all would be well if they didn't wander off their place near the cliffs of time. It was not to be.

Out for a stroll down the road one day, I discovered that Mr. E. Sharp had encroached sol fa as my northeastern 38 acre section. As I approached him, I realized I must stand fast with sword in hand and fight if I would reign. Fearless now, I cut E. Sharp out of my property with one deep stroke. He fell to rise no more.

I knew the "Castle Doctrine" law covered protecting my Sweet Home, but I wasn't sure about out at the Bower of Prayer. Would I be charged, or would I go free? There was no need to worry. O glory, hallelujah! By Providence the coroner was Dr. A. Davisson, who ruled it an accidental death.

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