Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bully theology

A problem that the internet and interactive blogs amplify and exacerbate is what I have dubbed "bully theology". This is an effort to promote doctrine, make points and correct errors through peer pressure or "bullying" -- Let's all gang up on someone and twist the e-arm until he cries "uncle" rather than approach it with education from the Word of God and the effects of the Holy Spirit. We would do well to remember that “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

Certain blogs, and particularly certain subjects, tend to draw out the bullies who try to beat their opponent into subjection. Sophistry is the method and the politically correct status quo often the informant. It is troubling when men who profess to be taught in the word of God do not draw upon the word of God to teach, exhort and rebuke. Rather we hear shouts to "drop this" or "shut up." “...give this garbage up and rid yourself of this kind of stupidity...Now just stop it. Put this godless, pseudo-religious, trashy way of thinking behind you and move on with your life.” Such an exhortation might have a place, if we can give biblical principles and/or chapter and verse to exhibit that it is godless, pseudo-religious, and trashy. And if we can, why don't we? 

Bully theology is the theology of Rome and others, and should have no place among Baptists. After the conversion of Constantine, force began to be used against "heretics" -- dissenting Christians. In the 8th century under Charlemagne its use had been solidified to force conversion to "Christianity". By 1300 it was common practice. The Baptist watchword is religious liberty with no brute force or legal means standing between any man and his god.

Forced theology is no better than forced conversions. Might does not make right. The truth shall make you free. "Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." -- Romans 14:5b

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